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Winter Warm Up

A Creative Bootcamp for Independent Businesses

Join us at Suffolk University January 19-20 for intensive workshops designed to help you strengthen and build your creative business. Register now or read more about our workshops below.


Trend Forecasting

How can you predict the colors and motifs that customers will look for in the coming year? We'll hear from an expert in trend forecasting on tools you can use to anticipate the next cactus or alpaca craze.

Creating A Press Kit

Big plans for press outreach in 2020? In this workshop you'll learn how to create the materials needed to secure media placement.

SEO Basics

Mystified by SEO? In this workshop, we'll learn basic concepts and best practices to get your business discovered by more shoppers online.


Packaging Design

Is your packaging helping to attract customers and tell your brand story? Get expert information on best practices in packaging design.

Social Media Marketing 

What does it take to get noticed on social media in 2020? We'll hear expert information on what's working in digital marketing for indie brands now.

Hands on Photo Workshop 

Upgrade your DIY photo skills. In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to better work with your own digital camera.